Owasco Lake 8/2


Did close to a full day trip with Fred – who happens to have a place on the lake. The day started with good southerlies. I saw Denny Brauer’s (BASS icon) trailer/truck parked at the launch so that was pretty neat. I later found out he was filming a Mustad Hooks Commercial.

Fishing started out surprisingly slow. We didn’t get out very early (we started at around 7:20am) but there should have been a morning bite. There wasn’t (at least not for us.) No bait was around either. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Did a lot of the bait get eaten up? Or did the baitfish just disperse down the shoreline or over deep water? Anyways, plenty of lakers were around. Fred did a great job with the jigging and hook setting and got into some fish around 9 am. Within a few hours he’d caught and released a limit worth of fish. He wound up landing 4 on the day up to 24″. Nice looking fish. Best action was on the west shore in the top couple miles of the lake. I’m back on Owasco next week and it’ll be interesting to see how the fishing is. It seems to be behind “schedule” a bit. This lake should turn on soon – the fish are there.