Owasco Lake 9/16 + 9/17


The lake trout fishing overall in Owasco Lake right now is very good, with moments of “beyond compare” and “incredible” action! I was out with John Sander and Terry on Saturday and things started out alright. We found fish in 80′ to 110′ of water. The fishing was good to very good but nothing spectacular. However, around 4 pm we marked some fish in 60′ of water on the east shore and all hell broke loose with non-stop superb action for a good hour or two. All cookie-cutter 20″ to 26″ fish. Hardware (jigging spoons) and plastic are both working very well, with spoons getting the edge.

Today I guided Mihai and Sara. Morning fishing was spotty for us. We marked some fish and bait and they caught fish but nothing outrageous. We did try bassin’ and Sara got a nice 19″ smallmouth. A friend of mine filled me in on a hot deep bite for lakers. We tried deep but didn’t do much. Fishing stayed slow until late afternoon, then the action just exploded! Fish after fish after fish. Just constant grabs. Mihai and Sara wound up landing around 35 fish or more on the day. The volume of lost fish and missed fish was staggering. It was Sara’s first day fishing since she was a kid, so she was able to shake off the rust! The thermocline is in around 50′ of water and lakers seem to be moving shallower every day. We did well around 55′ to 72′ in shallow.