Owasco Lake 9/22 + 9/23


Guided both days on Owasco. 9/22 AM was a trip with Chip and his boss Mel. The wind was nasty in the AM and I was wondering whether I should have selected Cayuga Lake instead. But once we set up over the massive schools of baitfish and laker marks the answer became clear – a rough Sept. day on Owasco is still well worth fishing and might be better than a calm day elsewhere. The guys both started getting hits and Chip missed a lot of fish at the get-go, but before long he really got the hang of things. Then Mel came on strong later on. In a nutshell the fishing was great and both guys left very impressed after landing around 15 to 16 nice lakers! Fish were in 65′ to 80′.

The afternoon trip was with Mary-Beth and Tim. They came to the lake with a Bob and Joni who’d fished with me back in early July. We headed out as the winds had momentarily subsided and switched out of the west. The fishing started out hot ‘n heavy and eventually slowed to a steady pace (still good, but not as great as before.) The gals outfished the guys and another 15 fish or so were landed on my boat.

Today was with Mike and his brother Tom. I was concerned about the forecast strong northerlies (more re: the bite than the boat control) but the lake was flat as we launched at 7 am. The fishing started out great and both spoons and white flukes did the trick. The guys pounded fish, landing 22 lakers and losing at least 20 – all in around 4 hours! Most action was early but we had a steady pick throughout the AM. Best action was shallow in the morning and then got better deeper. This lake is absolutely loaded with lakers and folks should harvest as many fish as is legally possible. Get those smokers going! Fish are virtually all 22″ to 26″. We had one 28″ fish on Saturday and it was a rare unclipped Owasco fish (maybe a wild one!)