Owasco Lake 9/23


What a day on Owasco! It looked like it was going to be a tedious fishing day today. As I drove up Cayuga Lake in the morning on Rt. 89 I got hammered with rain. The wind was nasty out of the south – probably 15 mph or better. Dean and Scott were good sports and we fished Owasco hard from 7:30am till 10:30am with justone missed fish to show for things. Then the lake calmed down slightly and the sky got a little bit brighter. The fish woke up and the fishing got very hot and heavy quickly. By 4:30pm the guys had landed around 40 lakers, 1 perch and 1 bass. They’d missed/lost probably another 50 fish. It was unreal. Fish ran up to 31″, but most were cookie cutter 23″ to 26″ fish. We also got a fair number of 18″ to 21″ fish. Fish were in 75′ to 90′ of water. Bait is still around. Assorted Zoom Flukes fished on 1 oz. round and stand-up jig heads did the trick. We used Spiderwire 12lb. XXX Super Mono on Med to Med.Heavy Baitcasters. The guys said it best…”The best freshwater fishing we’ve ever had…catching lakers like perch!”