Owasco Lake 9/30


Guided Mihai and his wife Christina today. The weather was brutal from the get-go. Predicted winds of S at 6 to 8 never materialized and we were caught in 12 to 22 mph or better from the south all day. It never calmed down! Best action was in the morning around 9 am when the sun was shining and wind let up slightly. Mihai nailed a couple nice lakers and his wife lost one. Other hits were missed. We shot south and checked out some spawning areas. Fish were around, as was bait – but they were pretty inactive plus the wind was a factor. A few hits/fish were missed. We tried back on the north end later but the wind was worse. Just one of those tough days. I’m convinced we would have had a great day had the wind died down – the fish and bait are around. Smallmouths too. H2O is around 59/60.