Owasco Lake out of Emerson Park 4/25 PM


Guided Wayne (who joined me on Monday on Cayuga) for a 1/2 day trip starting at noon. He has a place on Owasco Lake and has had good luck trolling. The goal today was to show him around areas of the lake he hadn’t fished and go over seasonal patterns plus areas for different species. He didn’t care whether he caught fish today -otherwise we’d have gone to Cayuga again for some big lakers.

I talked to anglers on two boats set up for trolling as they pulled out. Neither had any action today. Even perch seemed lockjawed for some folks (and there are loads of perch in the outlet!) It didn’t take us long to locate lakers and they were moving upwards of 60′ for the jigs but they were not hitting well. We gave it over an hour with no bumps. We worked other areas around the lake with no action. I showed Wayne a favorite “rock seam” of mine and we saw numerous walleyes sitting around shallow. Region 7 Biologists aren’t kidding – there still are a lot of walleyes in this lake. Wayne was psyched about targeting them later on once the season opens. We went back to our lakers and Wayne had a good hookup for a little while before the hook pulled out. That was it on the day. Beautiful day to be out but the lakers are still fairly deep and dormant. Cayuga Lake continues to offer the best lake trout fishing in the Finger Lakes at this point in time.