Owasco Lake Report 1/12


Fished Owasco Lake from 11:45 to 5 pm. I spent the majority of the day searching the depths for lake trout. I started at the north end of the lake and worked south. I finally found them around 2pm in 160′ to 170′ of water. Marked a good number of fish off Long Point – more of less in the middle of the lake. Form a triangle between Wycoff, Letchworth and Long Point and you’ll find them!

The lakers just seemed dormant. Had maybe 2 chasers, 1 hit. That was it. I tried tubes, soft jerkbaits(flukes/fin-s-fish) and spoons. Experimented with colors and rod action, but just couldn’t get anything to move! There was bait in the area too, but I didn’t see many lakers on the bait.

These fish may just be lethargic given the cold water temps, maybe it was just an off day. I don’t know. I did a little perch fishing before it got dark and found quite a few 8″ to 9″ fish. They were in around 12′ to 15′ of water. Those Seneca, Skaneateles and Keuka Lake perch spoil us around here. I’m used to seeing these 10″ to 14″ fish! It wouldn’t be hard to catch a limit of these smaller perch on Owasco.

Water temp. was 38/39. Water level is low – bring waders or boots to the launch and watch your trailer tires to make sure you don’t go off…..