Owasco/Sodus Wed. 7/19


Started out early this AM on Owasco Lake with a 1/2 day guide trip with Frank and Carol. They’re the parents of a good client of mine. The good news is that the bite on Owasco is the best I’ve seen yet this season thus far. This “numbers fishery” has finally awoken. My guys landed around 10 nice lakers from 22″ to 26″. This lake coughed up a 17lb. laker a couple weeks ago during the Owasco derby! This lake is full of fish and I marked fish all over. Smallies were blasting bait on the surface out in 60′ to 70′ as usual. Fish were in 60′ to 80′ of water and my flasher worked impeccably.

After Owasco I went over to Sodus Bay for some gar fishing. I met Mike Kelly from the Syracuse-Post Standard over there and we went cruising around searching for gar. Last time on the bay I found the gar but they wouldn’t hit. This time they were hitting but we couldn’t find them! I got one small aggressive straggler and at least Mike was able to get a few photos and see what the rope fly/gar thing was all about. Water temp’s in the low 80s. Saw a couple other gar surface but I just couldn’t find the mother-lode. We did a little bass fishing and caught a couple dinks. People are pre-fishing for the upcoming Avon Anglers Open tourney. Reports thus far are pretty good for the bay’s bassin’ according to an angler I talked to at the launch.