Seneca 11/2 + 3 out of Sampson, Keuka 11/4


Seneca Lake was terrific for pike on 11/2. Did a morning trip with Bill and the fishing started out a little slow, but picked up noticeably as the day went on. No big fish, but nice action on decent pike. We fished Lunker City Shakers in the Mahi Mahi color and Flo. Red. There are fish all over Seneca Lake – I’ve never seen the pike fishing better. And no one was out on Friday. Can’t beat that. Water temps are in the 57 to 58 degree range.

The afternoon/evening bite left off with hot fishing. John and Eleonore Herman just hammered pike. Eleonore wound up landing over 20 fish and John nailed around a dozen! Fantastic fishing with around 3 doubles or more. The Shakers were tops again.

On 11/3 Artie came out for his first taste of pike on the fly. The fly-fishing was superb – beyond both of our expectations! He nailed a lot of fish on three different set ups – floating line/clouser, type 6 sink line/deceiver and LLC-13 rigged with a deceiver type fly. We caught fish everywhere we tried! The foliage and scenery was amazing – it just doesn’t get better!

I fished Keuka on Sunday 11/4 with Jessica, my newest fishing companion. “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, teach them to fish and they kick your butt”. 😉 That’s my new slogan. She did well on pike with me last week and yesterday she did great on lakers on Keuka. We caught our limit, with her taking the lion’s share of fish. The Bluff area was good for nice 22″ to 24″ lakers. Many were suspended. We kept our limit then explored a few places for bass w/o any great luck.

Bill with a nice Seneca Lake northern pike from 11/2 AM

John Herman with a dink northern - you have to love their aggressive nature!

Eleonore with a nice Seneca Lake pike

Another one...

John working a swimbait for pike

Artie dehooking a pike caught on a streamer

Nice pike!

Another one!

Artie with another

Landing one

Me with one!

Jessica with a nice lake trout on in Keuka Lake on 11/3