Seneca 6/4 out of Geneva


Guide trip with Cedric today. We had a lot of fun – he’s a heck of an angler. We started with laker jigging – lots of activity but mostly short hits. Fish are from 30′ and out. Went to pike and the fish were cooperative. He wanted me to fish a little bit so we worked some different lures and caught 8 to 10 nice fish on X-raps, swimbaits and blade baits. He caught a 35″ beauty that we were able to release unharmed. Fish are in around 4′ to 15′ of water and all over the place. We went back to lakers after the sun came out a little and he nailed a 23″ fish on a fluke. Bait is all over the place. H2O is around 62. I’ll be taking advantage of this great Seneca fishing a lot over the next couple weeks. Fun stuff! He handed me a bunch of his own homemade blade baits called “zoneys”. Terrific vibrations and they are sure to be a “killer”! Can’t wait to try them out.