Seneca/Cayuga Lake 11/27


Took a drive up to the north end of Seneca Lake today hoping for some pike action. The winds were supposed to be very light (4 mph) out of the south. Yeah, right! Had some good waves just to start but my friend Eric and I gave it a shot anyways. Fishing was pretty slow, mainly due to the wind/waves. We worked a bunch of different depths. The only hit we got was in around 10′ of water. Eric did manage to land a very nice 35″ northern on a chartreuse Clouser minnow. The wind got much worse and we headed back north and got off the lake.

We had some time left so went drove back down to Taughannock and launched the boat. Ran south and were able to find some nice pike areas. I managed to land a nice 32″+ northern in short order. Eric caught a small one and that was it. Overall the pike fishing was not bad today given how little fishing we were able to do in good conditions. Water temps in both lakes are around 45 degrees.

Seneca Lake is absolutely loaded with milfoil. There is pike habitat from end to end on this lake. It’s hard to judge what the pike population is in this lake, due to all the cover. Time will tell.