Seneca Lake 6/8 – 6/10


We’ve been fishing Seneca a lot lately and really having a lot of fun! Friday was a trip with Chris and Dan. Chris really enjoyed the fantastic pike fishing of last week and wanted to do it again, so off we went. Fishing started off well with both the guys landing 34″+ pike. Northerns were very active and fortunately weren’t hitting the stickbaits deeply this time around. The guys landed around 40 pike on the day! Another great day with a few pickerel and bass landed as well. The best lures were deep running stickbaits. We found the pike had moved deeper than previously – at least many of them did. Baitfish were in pretty well on the east shore of the lake. The lakers cooperated a little bit and a couple fish were landed – a dink and a nice 5 or 6lber. Fish hit well all day and the top lure in the late afternoon was a “zoney” – one of a handful of homemade lures given to me by Ced from the fishing trips earlier in the week.

Saturday was a fun day with Doug and Tracy. We worked lakers most of the day. The guys wanted to learn how to jig and I showed them as best as I could. They missed/lost a fair number of fish in the AM but got a couple in the boat before too long. Pike action rounded out the day and it was good.

Today was pike fishing with Mike and his wife. He started the day with his first pike ever – a nice 35″ fish that we released. Both anglers did well on the pike and bass. All in all some great fishing on Seneca Lake and it should continue.

Dan with a good Seneca Northern Pike circa 2007

Dan with a nice bonus smallmouth!

Chris with a good northern