Seneca Lake 7/21 out of Sampson


Not much to report here. I picked up my new trolling motor over at Barrett Marine (defective plug)and dumped in at Sampson just to check on my gear. I had a big weekend trip planned and just wanted to get my rod/reel combos in order. Should be a simple task, but it’s anything but. Which rod to use with which reel and so on.

I was alarmed to find that my new high-powered trolling motor was interfering with my Vexilar signal! I contacted Vexilar and it’s a common problem that can be remedied with either a special transducer or a ferrite core. I didn’t know this at the time though.

Went across the lake from Sampson from around Reed’s south. Tons of lakers were on the shelves out there in around 70′ of water give or take. Did a little jigging but the trolling motor interference problem made it aggravating. Fish didn’t seem too active either. Set up a few “new combos” for spinnerbaits and wound up chucking them for awhile. I was pleasantly surprised to catch a couple small northerns. The milfoil is outrageous in Seneca Lake! Weeds everywhere. That bodes well for pike, bass and perch in the future.

Went back to jigging lakers and nailed a couple good fish in short order. They’d turned on and fishing was excellent. As it started to get dark I called it a day.