Seneca Lake/Geneva 6/17


Good to excellent fishing today with Darren and David! We did a 1/2 day starting at 7am and the fishing was good from the get-go with 3 nice fish landed within 1/2 hour. Fishing then slowed when the sun came out, but within the next hour it picked back up. Bait and marks were everywhere from 25′ to over 100′. Interesting stuff. We worked the same areas we’d fished yesterday. Yesterday’s fish were all hatchery (clipped) fish and showed signs of lamprey attacks. Most of today’s fish were clean and possibly wild. We had one dark fish with beautiful colors, reminiscent of an Alaskan or at the very least a Skaneateles laker! Water temps were in the low 60s up top. Jigging should only get better and better!