Seneca Lake out of Lodi 11/21


I fished today from around 11 am till 4 pm. I tried a few different things with no results – a little perch fishing, a little dropshotting and some fly-fishing around Lodi Point (always a longshot!). The sun came out and the lake flattened out. Perfect jigging weather. I had some terrific action out deep around 150′ give or take on Seneca’s west shore. I landed 5 nice fish – up to 28″ and FAT. I lost another 4 or 5 and missed another 4 to 5 hits. All in about 2 hours. The fish were fighting good and I kept three 22″ fish. Big fish are scarce in Seneca these days – at least for me 😉 so I let the beauty go. It was fat and clean – not a mark on it. As for the smaller fish, the meat was a nice orange color and the fish tasted superb. Funny thing: I was reeling in my dropshot rig and I had a northern pike around 27″ to 30″ bite off my sinker! No other boats were out. Water temps – 48 on top. Should be some good salmon action soon! BTW- It was fun field testing my new custom “deep jigging rod” made by my friend Mike Canavan. I could feel hits down at 150′ as if I was fishing 50′ of water! Can’t wait to try some really deep water….;-)