Seneca Lake out of Sampson 6/13


Guided out of Sampson today with Michele and her dad John. We started with some laker jigging around bait we were marking off Sampson State Park in around 30′ to 40′ of water. A couple light hits but no hookups. We decided to “ping-pong” between pike fishing and lakers. The pike were cooperating and they landed a fair number of nice northerns, all around 23″ to 26″. One smallmouth was also landed. We went back to laker fishing and it was OK. John hooked and lost a heavy fish. Then Michele lost one. Then John finally got a 26″ fish in the boat. A couple minutes later we had one just out of netting range. Then John had a big brown follow up his jig right to the boat. He then had a hit and as he reeled up the brown showed itself again. But no hookups! It would have been nice, but it wasn’t to be. The lake kicked up pretty good around 4pm and we called it a day. Overall, the fishing for pike was very good and the laker fishing was OK – not terrible, but not great.