Seneca Lake out of Sampson 6/3


Got out for a full-day with Jeff K. He’s fished with me since I started guiding 4 years ago. We chased pike and lake trout today. The pike cooperated the best, the lakers were fairly inactive. Pike fishing was good to downright excellent today with fish hammering Mahi-Mahi colored Lunker City Shakers. No really big fish today, but plenty of respectable pike up to around 30″. We didn’t target lakers much untilthe last part of the day. Jeff had a few good hits and then off of the park he connected with his first Seneca Laker. The fish came from around 65′ to 75′ of water. Water temps are in the 56 degree range. Bluegills/Sunfish are in and hitting very well. Pike were in around 4′ to 14′ of water. Baitfish are moving in, and a lot of alewives were in the marina at Sampson State Park.