Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 3/24


Had a great time today fishing with Bass Pro Shops Promotions director and good friend George Fiorille. We started around 1pm off Sampson in about 120′ of water. George picked up a couple fish right off the bat. We ended up getting fish in 140′ and 169′ of water. We even tried 210′ for the heck of it – no fish but I was able to feel my 1 oz. jig on the bottom, no problem! Best fishing was between 105′ and 165′. Fish ranged from around 20″ up to 26″. We had 2 fish with attached lamprey eels. We used white tube jigs rigged on custom poured 3/4 oz tube jig heads with added 1/4 oz rubbercore sinkers pinched on the shank with a rattle in between the jighead and rubbercore. Smelly jelly was used to help lube the tube on, then everything was doused with Mustad Ultra-Bite. We wound up with 8 keepers total and we missed another dozen fish, mainly due to poor hook-setting. The line stretch was a big factor and is something I’ll be addressing soon. Perch fishing has been very good lately but was poor today according to anglers we talked to. H2O was 35.9 on the surface. Sunny and calm conditions out there – perfect for jigging. There were a lot of perch right in the marina at Sampson too. Easy boat launching there as well. Can’t wait to get back out….. 🙂 Will have photos up in a couple weeks once they are developed.

George hooked up!