Seneca Lake out of Severne 7/21


Guided a full-day with Dave. He has a house on Seneca Lake near Severne Point. Trolling has been difficult and frustrating lately with the volume of waterfleas around. We set up just off his house and within around an hour he’d landed 2 nice fish – an 18″ and a 23″ fish. He lost one as well. We spent a lot of time motoring around looking for some future hotspots in his area. The structure around this portion of the lake is quite remarkable. The bite slowed a bit after 8 am. We ran up to Sampson and by then the wind had kicked up out of the north. Either the fish were already biting at Sampson or the wind got them going, but they were hitting well as we arrived and within minutes Dave was fast into a nice 27″ laker. He landed another and lost a fish or two before we called it a day a little early. Fish are in around 75′ to 85′ or more. They are pretty aggressive at Sampson and we had multiple “chasers”. The couple we kept from Sampson were full of baitfish. Flukes in assorted colors did the trick fished on 1 ounce jig heads. Dave liked the feel of mono over the braid/fusion line setups I had on board.