Seneca Lake out of Severne Point 4/17


Got out with Dave and his wife Sue for some deep lake trout fishing on Seneca. Dave’s joined me on a number of trips for lakers and some landlocked Salmon fishing. He has a place on the lake and has done well jigging lakers, but the angling for late winter/early spring fish has been tough. It was no picnic today either, but we managed to locate some good numbers of fish and have some good opportunities.

We worked a lot of different depths but found most fish were between 125′ and 160′. Seneca Lake nearly always has some shallower fish and we marked some of those too. Early season fish don’t necessarily show up on the depth finder – a lot of times they are on the bottom, and they can be nearly anywhere – they aren’t confined by temperature restrictions. Dave lost what appeared to be a big fish off Sampson State Park and we had a lot of dropped fish; they may have been small or perhaps just grabbing the tails of the jigs. We managed to land a couple fish – one in 125′ and one in 153′. Some bait is around, but not much. More bait should move up by the day. Sue managed some opportunities at some good fish and she landed her first lake trout. The high point of the trip was the abundant loons. We could hear their calls echoing down the lake. They were everywhere. The weather was also fantastic.