Seneca Lake out of Watkins 12/14


Half-day guide trip with Jeff today. Conditons were perfect for landlocked salmon on Seneca Lake today. The forecast 10 to 15 mph south winds didn’t materialize and the winds stayed a friendly 5 to 8 mph or so. We searched a lot for salmon and finally found a couple after a few hours of fishing. Jeff had a nice follow and a grab but wasn’t able to hook up. We rested our area then came back 1/2 hour later and Jeff got a hit and solid hookup. The 20″+ salmon jumped then ran a bit and got off. Salmon are a fun fish to fight. Often times they’ll just head shake and pump the rod for a bit. Just as you think you’ve got them they’ll start leaping wildly, twisting and running!

In the afternoon I went out on my own and managed to land a couple undersized salmon and a couple nice fish. I had a 21.5″ fish that fought and appeared to be a 25″ fish! 4 crazy jumps and lots of runs. I tried to net it 4 or 5 times and it avoided the net like the plague and ran under the boat! Just an awesome battle. After salmon fishing I fished pike for a bit and landed a nice 31″ fish.

Bass fishing is reportedly excellent on Seneca using bucktail jigs. Perch fishing has been up and down. Some anglers are doing well on lakers pulling copper. Beautiful day out there! Is there such a thing as too much fishing? I don’t know 😉 I think I’ll take a break tomorrow. Maybe.