Seneca Lake out of Watkins 4/12


Finally got a chance to check out Seneca Lake for most of the day. I fished a lot of different areas with poor results. Eventually I found the landlocked salmon and the fishing was pretty much as good as it gets for a little while! I hooked 3 decent fish, missed a bunch of hits and “swirls” and I landed 2 fish. One was an 18″ fish, the other was a beauty at 25″ and probably over 5lbs!

I located some good lake trout as well in 110′ to 140′ of water. So I have a nice pattern to fall back on if the salmon are hard to find. Water temps ranged from 38 to 46 degrees. If you’re interested in a salmon trip – be flexible. Seneca is big water and requires careful attention to the weather forecast. I expect the salmon fishing to hold up for a month – depending on the average temperatures over the next few weeks. Eventually I’ll have some photos up of the fish. Both sinking lines and intermediate lines did the trick today. Flies ranged from size 4s to 1/0s. Chartreuse was productive as was white. Lake level is alright – not too low, not high – average “low”.