Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 12/17


Full day guide trip with Mark I. today. We met at 8 am hoping to get into some northern pike and landlocked salmon on the fly-rod. The pike fly-fishing was tough today. Mark did a great job fishing hard and thoroughly. We worked a lot of areas from the south end of the lake all the way up to the Glenora/Peach Orchard area. Mark managed 3 pike on the day; one was a decent 26″ fish, the others were small. He missed a hit or two, but basically hooked what hit. We worked deep, shallow and in-between! A lot of the abundant weed growth of the past month has disappeared and pike fishing/hunting has become much more of a challenge.

Landlocked salmon fishing was very good when the wind was blowing and the sun was shining. It only took Mark a few casts to get into fish. His fly got railed a few times and he landed a 19.5″ fish that jumped around 4 times! These fish don’t have it easy on Seneca Lake with the lampreys, cormorants, pike and general lack of baitfish. This fish had a fresh lamprey mark on it. We took a quick photo and let it go. Mark missed another fish, then landed a small fish. The “dink” had what looked like a scar from a loon or cormorant on it.

Water temps were 43 degrees. Great day to be out on the lake!