Seneca out of Sampson 3/31


I checked out Seneca this afternoon for a few hours. The plan was to see where the lakers are and how they are hitting. Lake temps range from around 38 lake-wide to over 42 at Dresden. The lake level is high, but not nearly as high relatively as Cayuga. The launch at Sampson is open and clear of debris.

Lake trout fishing was OK. Not great but not terrible. I hooked into fish in a handful of different areas on both sides of the lake. Didn’t land any – the hook pulled out of a couple. My guess is that many of the fish are on the small side. There was some bait up fairly high in the water column. I wassurprised at how much bait I marked on this lake. Lakers were scattered in 120′ to 150′. There were times when I had 2 fish playing with the jig. So all in all the prospects for laker jigging are alright. The fishing should improve by the week.