Seneca out of Sampson 5/31


Conditions remain pretty much the same on Seneca. Good numbers of fish and plenty of bait are around. The bite is kind of spotty. Our best fishing has been from around 10:45 pm till 2:30 pm – something like that! No need to wake up early! My best guess is that the evening fishing might be better. I did a make-up guide trip (Andy and Ron from last year’s gillnetting fiasco on Cayuga 10/8). I don’t guarantee fish on trips, but if the conditions are abhorrent or a “wrench gets thrown in the machine” I’ll certainly try to make up for it.

They fished hard all morning with very little to show for it. Around 10:45 we worked the Sampson area and all of a sudden there was a good bite. Ron hammered 3 lakers in around 15 minutes! They were in 27′ to 35′ of water – lakers and bait. Water temps were in the low 50s. We checked other areas incl. Long Point/Dresden and Willard towards Lodi. Sampson produced the best.

I did an afternoon last minute trip with Ed from NY. Things started great as he nailed a 28″ + laker right off the bat and a 26″ fish. Plenty of follows and only a few grabs. We worked a few different areas and he had to leave after 3 hours. Short but sweet fishing!

Barring any unusual weather patterns, lake trout fishing should pick up. It’s not on a par with last year yet – though the early season fishing this year was much better than last year.