Seneca out of Sampson 6/14


Guided 1/2 day today with Mike and his wife Becky. This was our 3rd. trip of the week and may have been the best. We started with laker jigging since the conditions looked right with the weather change. Within 1/2 hour we boated our first laker (Becky!). It didn’t take long to hook up another 5 or 6 fish with 3 more landed up to 27″. Overcranking is what caused some hooks to rip out, but we solved the problem as the day went on! 😉 Pike fishing remains very good with a handful caught plus a bass.

I’ve been jonesing to fish so after the trip was done I went back out and did a lot of motoring around with my electronics working on learning new areas and checking out on the lakers/pike. I missed some lakers on my braid setup. I’m still not convinced that braid is the way to go on shallow lakers. It rips hooks right out of the fishes mouths. I’ll keep working at it…

I had some good pikin’ both on flies and gear, landing a hard fighting 33″ fish. What a beauty! I finally had a chance to try a few different pike techniques. I also stumbled onto some deep perch. Time will tell whether the “pattern” holds up but I’m optimistic. If I get some time, I’ll try them again. Pike are all over the lake – look for weeds. If you want lakers, look for and fish the bait. The lakers are getting more and more aggressive and the best fishing is yet to come! H2O is up to 66 in places, but cooler in other areas. Plenty of sunfish/bluegills are shallow.

Mike with a nice laker