Seneca out of Sampson PM report 6/25


After winding up the guide trip with Mark, I relaxed for a while then decided to head out to Seneca with my buddy Phil and his son Casey for some evening fishing on Seneca. There was a break in the weather and we shot over to Sampson State Park around 5:30pm. Fishing was alright – basically good but not great. The water – even deep, is warm – so we went searching for lakers in over 60′ of water. We picked up a few good fish and a few very small wild 10″ to 13″ fish, which was cool. They looked almost like little brook trout! No great shakes on the fishing but it was certainly worthwhile. I didn’t hunt around much so I’m sure maybe up north would be faster action. Fish ran up to 27″. Bait was around, mostly up top.