Seneca out of Severne 8/12


Did a trip with Dave who lives north of Severne Point on Seneca Lake. He was out with me a couple weeks ago and we worked on the jigging patterns. This was a trip to fine-tune the technique and learn some new areas. We found good numbers of fish north of Peach Orchard Point in 70′ to 80′ of water. Dave did well and caught a bunch of fish up to 30″. Fish were aggressive in the morning until around 11 am, then they slowed. There are still fish up at Sampson, but they have slowed down a bit. I didn’t mark the amount of bait there that I had in previous weeks. Bottom line: Seneca is still providing some very good fishing, but it probably isn’t as good as it’s been over the past couple months. Fish south of Sampson and north of Peach Orchard and you’ll find some decent action.