Seneca out of Watkins 4/26


Fishing remains tough here at the “Angling Zone”. Got out this afternoon with my friend Dave. We were hoping to find some salmon, but all we found was wind – and lots of it! The wind was hauling out of the south creating whitecaps throughout the south end of the lake. Fly-casting was difficult. Water conditions looked very good – nice clear, almost turquoise colored water! We found some nice warm water areas but had few hits. Dave worked some assorted jigs and got bitten off by a pike. He also landed one northern. He had one hit in open water that was probably a trout or salmon. I never had a hit on the flies. Water level is high, but not too bad. There is some debris around, but it’s not nearly as bad as Cayuga. Temps ranged from 36 up to around 44. I blame much of today’s slow afternoon on the wind – which made presentation very difficult. Even with the use of drift bags the boat was moving very quickly. I’ll be back soon!