Seneca/Watkins 12/12 + Cayuga/Taughannock 12/13


I fished Seneca for 1/2 day on Tuesday. Conditions looked good for salmon and I wanted to pre-fish it a little more for a guide trip today (Wed.) – yes, I try to do my homework! 😉

I worked some stretches I fish occasionally on Seneca, but don’t often do well on. No surprises – didn’t find the fish. I then worked areas I’d found salmon at on Sunday and found a few. I didn’t land any but I missed 3 to 4 unmistakable hits. The wind came up pretty wickedly and I ran for cover. Landed a small northern pike, fished a bit more for salmon then called it a day.

Guided Jeff K. today on Cayuga for the full-day. The winds were looking too rough for Seneca – even at the south end, so we launched at Taughannock. We were hoping for some pike on the fly. The wind was strong to start so we were limited in our areas. Jeff worked his butt off and missed a few hits in the morning. He eventually got into a few quick fish, landing one around 22″. One pickerel was lost/missed as well as pike. We had to cover a lot of water for the few hookups we had. I don’t think it’s indictative of poor fishing, it’s just that the high winds made presentation very difficult in some of the better areas.

We did some trout/salmon fishing and were pleasantly surprised. Jeff had some follows and a couple hook-ups including what was probably a small landlocked salmon as well as a salmonid (brown or salmon) around 24″! He landed a 16″ brown that we released. So Cayuga has some fish around, they just aren’t in the usual areas. H2O on Cayuga is 43 to 44 degrees.