Skaneateles 5/27


Guide trip with Jim and Kevin today. Bass were pretty much available lake-wide and were hitting well. Kevin managed to catch a beautiful 18″ smallmouth on a woolly bugger fly-fishing. A decent number of bass were hooked today. The guys probably missed a trout or two – we saw one and the way in which one lost fish was fighting spelled trout. A few perch are around and hitting. I introduced the guys to a bunch of tactics that are effective for smallies in the Finger Lakes including jerking superflukes, fishing tubes + hairjigs and some long range fly-fishing. We also tried a little laker jigging with only one hit to show. Overall it was a nice day and the threatening T-storms didn’t materialize until after the trip was done. Water temps have climbed into the mid to upper 50s. We had 60 degrees in places. 48 degree water was down around 25′, so a jig or deep fly should still produce lakers nearshore.

After the trip was over I did a little bassin’ myself and enjoyed it. They were hammering the flukes! I also searched for lakers and found quite a few, though they weren’t hitting very well. Just chasing and rejecting my jigs! I’ll be back….