Skaneateles Lake 1/10 out of Mandana


It felt great getting out on Skinny today! It’s been a while. I fished from around 11:45 till close to dark and things got underway with light west winds. Worked the east shore of the lake with an olive colored bionic smelt (my pattern) and landed a couple rainbows including a male that was dripping milt! Fish were running around 12″ to 16″. Dropped 2 fish – probably at least one was a salmon. Fish were in close to shore for the most part.

Did a little jig fishing with 1/16 oz. bucktails and it was pretty slow. No perch which was surprising- though I did stay in a fairly concentrated area. Picked up a legal salmon and another rainbow around 16″ – a female. These fish were deeper – in around 25′ of water. H2O was 39. The launch at Mandana is shallow. Glad I brought my boots! 😉 Until Cayuga picks up for salmon, this lake will be the best bet.