Skaneateles Lake 11/20


Fished with my buddy Mike for the day. Water temps are finally into the 40s – at 49 degrees. One other boat, likely perch fishing launched out of the State Ramp today. We tried a lot of different stuff today. We caught some nice bass on hair jigs and tubes, as well as some sizeable perch. No great numbers, but enough for a nice couple meals.

Today was a weird day in terms of the weather. We had good southerlies to start, then the winds diminished, came out of the WNW, then strong out of the north, then they diminished again as the front came through. Currents remained from out of the south, which made for weird drifting – the boat was often stationary and current and wind played havoc with my boat control.

We encountered some nice trout today – follows and momentary hookups. No good hookups, but we’ll come back targeting them. But they are inshore now and within easy casting and fly-fishing range.