Skaneateles Lake 11/24


I managed to get out for 1/2 day on Skinny today. My goal was to work a stretch of the lake I’ve fished before, but not much this time of the year – certainly not with the flyrod. Things went well and I covered 1 to 2 miles of “new shoreline”. I landed a 19.5″ landlocked salmon that fought superbly. A couple wild 3′ careening jumps! I quickly released this “champion” after landing it. I dropped another very nice silvery fish – rainbow or salmon. And I managed a couple perch. Good area, but overall not as good as most of the areas I take my clients to. For the last hour of the day I went to a “tried and true” area and immediately had some follows and hits from salmon. Landed one fish that got twisted in my line and messed himself up. That fish was kept – 19″ salmon. Water temps are 46. I saw two other boats out on the water, that was it. Most people were at the mall or in the woods!