Skaneateles Lake 4/19


Guided 1/2 day with Wallace and Red. Conditions looked great to start but my favorite most consistent areas on the lake didn’t yield any fish for us. So we went searching. We finally found some trout and salmon and 3 fish were landed on jigs and a Rapala. Two rainbows and one salmon – all nice fish. We saw some beauties and had some nice follows. The weather was gorgeous. Temps on the north end of the lake were into the low 50s (on top at least) and further south it is still very cold – around 38/39.

After the trip I went back out on my own and went back through one of my favorite areas thoroughly; I thought maybe a little more sun on the water might activate some fish. I had one hit – zero fish. I worked some hair jigs deep and still couldn’t connect. I worked some stretches of water I rarely fish and still didn’t see anything. The fish seemed fairly lockjawed to me – or just in different areas. I did not fish the area that produced our morning fish again. Fish seemed very neutral to negative this week (in general). That’s what I love about fishing – no matter how often I go, it’s still very unpredictable – especially when you start thinking you have things semi-figured out! Fun week out there and very challenging.