Skaneateles Lake 4/21


Guided out on Skinny today with Gary and Mark. I thought we’d be in for some good and somewhat easy fishing today but I was wrong! Fishing was very tough. I blame it (my excuse 😉 is the lack of wind we had. The lake was like glass at times today. Winds were light to non-existent and variable. That makes for very difficult fishing on a crystal clear lake like Skinny, especially with the cloudless day and high sun. We worked and fished hard today and Mark managed a very chunky (full of mysis shrimp) 19″ Landlocked Salmon. He also caught a bass (44 degree water). Gary fly-fished all day for the most part and caught one big perch. That was pretty much it. The “fishing” was very pleasant – beautiful day, beautiful lake and things went off without a hitch. The “catching” wasn’t too good. I’m back on this lake later in the week for another trip, so I’ll have an updated report. H2O ranged from 35 to 45 today. Warmest water was at the north end. Surprisingly we didn’t even see or miss many fish today. What hit is what was landed (minus maybe one fish.)