Skaneateles Lake 5/17


Good multi-species angling continues on Skaneateles Lake. Water temperatures are fluctuating quite a bit, and today’s bass hotspot can be tomorrow’s good trout area and vice-versa. Things started out slow for Jeff this AM and we checked out a few areas without any action. After around 3 hours the fishing picked up – both on the conventional gear and a bit on the flyrod. He wound up landing a decent laker, a couple salmon and a rainbow. Fish ran from around 15″ to 19″ – nothing huge, but nice fish that gave a good accounting of themselves. Some good perch were also caught and Jeff hit the bass pretty well towards the end of the day. The bass topped out with a 19″+ whopper that was FAT! Probably a solid 4lbs+. A nice 20″ trout or salmon was lost. They are still around the shore areas, though I’m sure many are out in “troller country”.

Water temps dropped a bit lakewide – averaging around 43 degrees. As usual, few boats were out on the lake. The weather was better than yesterday, but still chilly. Dress for winter and you’ll be alright. I wore expedition weight long underwear and a winter jacket with a knit hat and turtle. I was moderately warm. Think March/April!