Sodus Bay 6/13 + Cayuga Lake 6/14 + Seneca Lake 6/15


Killing 3 birds here with one stone but here it goes:

Sodus Bay 6/13:  Fished Sodus with my buddy Terry for gar on Monday from around 12:30 pm till 5pm. Blazing heat and humidity out there! WOW! The bay temps were in the 80s. We saw the usual assortment of panfish, bass, drum and carp on the bay. Gar fishing was very good to excellent though the glare made it very tough to sight fish them. We found breaking fish and hammered 11 on the day up to around 37″.

A fair amount of people come up to me and ask me why I fish gar or bowfins. It’s a good question. Gar fishing is a totally unique experience. It’s like someone eating only American or Italian food then trying Thai! I’ve caught plenty of big pike, bass, trout, salmon etc… I think gar are incredibly fun to catch. It’s very intense sight fishing with lots of follows and grabs. They jump nearly EVERYTIME! Some of them fight incredibly well. They are also beautiful fish – despite what some people think. Awesome colors and a sleek look.

Cayuga Lake 6/14:  This lake offered good fishing on Tuesday for lakers just north of Millican and around the Kidders area. Plenty of bait around, though it was tough to drift with the west winds. They are still shallow – at least in the morning. Pickerel fishing was slow during the day with all the rain and mud spewing into the north end. I understand that the bite picked up a lot during the afternoon. My clients picked up 3 decent lakers including one that was probably 9lbs.

Seneca Lake 6/15:  Seneca Lake was horrid wind-wise but bait pods and lakers were all over Sampson State park from 20′ to 40′. I heard of good reports from 115′ from another angler. We had westerlies up to 30 mph!!! Unreal. My clients caught a good smallie and one laker. They lost a laker and missed a fair number of hits. The fish were hitting well at times but bites can take awhile to detect when folks aren’t used to the type of fishing.

I have some more detailed reports on the fishing at if anyone is interested. In the future I’ll put the most detailed reports on MY website, but right now I’m too tired to type all this stuff 😉