Sodus Bay 6/27


Got out onto Sodus from around 1pm till 5:30pm with my buddy Shahab. We checked on the gar action and didn’t see much apart from a couple rises for awhile. T-storms were threatening and then the sky cleared but strong winds came up. It was difficult fly-fishing in 25 mph + winds but we did the best we could. We worked my favorite gar area for awhile and drifted out to a place out of the wind when Shahab noticed a few fish “breaking” (gulping air on the surface.) He then “hooked” one and we were in business. Fishing was excellent for around 1/2 hour – around 4 to 4:30 pm then they just shut off. We had some fun fights and landed 4 fish up to around 37″ to 38″. Gar this size don’t necessarily fight great, but they do jump a few times and are a lot of fun to watch pursue the flies. I plan on fishing Lake Champlain’s monster gar within a few weeks – those 45″ to 50″ + fish fight and fight HARD. Bay temps are very warm – mid 80s and weed harvesting has begun. The lake was too rough to bother fishing, so no smallmouth reports. I’ll have to try again.