Sodus Bay/Lake Ontario 8/9 – Cayuga Lake 8/10


Sodus Bay – Thurs. 8/9:

I was hoping to get out for some smallmouths on my day off, but the weather predicters were way off. 10 to 15 mph + northeast winds had the big lake pushing 2′ to 4′ waves, so my buddy Phil and I stayed in the bay. That’s the great thing about ports like Sodus, Irondequoit, Port and Fairhaven Bays – if the lake gets too rough you can still fish the bays for bass and other species.

We threw an assortment of lures, but the best largemouth fishing by far was by pitching both jig ‘n plastics and large tubes. Phil was really “in the zone” and he landed 10 or 11 keeper largemouths (around 4 to 6 came on spinnnerbaits). Fish ran up to around 2.5 or 2.7lbs. I only landed 3 bass, but I did get the lunker of the day, a fish around 18″. I also caught a big perch on a spinnerbait. The lake never did calm down and we left around 8 pm.

Cayuga Lake – Taughannock Fri. 8/10:

Had a very good to excellent morning bite on Cayuga Lake this AM with Mike and Tom. These guys usually steelhead fish together and it was nice to have them on board trying their hand on the lakers. They landed 10 nice fish – mostly big 26″ to 28″ chunky lakers. Fish ranged from around 65′ to 100′ of water. The ones we kept had fresh bait in their stomachs. 1 oz. jigs with plastics did the trick. Around 1/2 the fish came on the bottom, 1/2 reeling up. Fish are within a short distance of Taughannock and we did mark fish just north of the park as well as further up above. Plenty of baitfish are around as well. You can’t ask for a much better bite on Cayuga for lakers than what’s happening now.