Sodus Bay/Lake Ontario/Seneca Lake 6/20


Started out today at Sodus Bay hoping for some drum/gar action. Bay temps dropped wickedly since last week. We had 68 today whereas last week the temp was into the 80s. Didn’t see any drum in the bay so I shot out into the lake. Bass fishing was good but not great. Me and my pal Eric picked up around a dozen legal fish in 3 hours plus one drum and one rock bass. I spotted the drum, dropped in my tube and watched it come over and suck it in. Cool! Bass came on tube jigs, a Kevin Van Dam bomber long A and a alewife colored hula grub on a football head.

We shot into the bay around 2:30pm and searched for gar. Water temps under 70 spell poor gar fishing and today was no exception. Gar were deep and we only had one hit. Decided to pull up and head to Seneca Lake. It turned out to be an incredible move!

Seneca Lake is on FIRE!!! Jigging for lakers was absolutely incredible. I had a limit worth of lakers in short order. We had steady action off Sampson pretty much anywhere in 30′ to 45′ of water. I landed a 29″ laker and broke off a monster on the hit. My buddy Eric landed a 31″ fish!!! Probably 11lbs. He also lost a monster that fought every bit as good as the 31 incher! We only fished slightly over 2 hours! Trollers were doing well too. Best jigging of the season.