Sodus Bay/Seneca Lake 6/16


Very good to great fishing today with my buddy Phil. We started around 10 am on Sodus Bay fishing for drum. I nailed a couple nice fish on the fly rod. Great battles!!! Phil picked up fish on a small crankbait. The drum are all over the place. We spotted some nice gar and I enticed a few follows on the fly-rod. They are still a bit lethargic; we need more hot weather! Drum also hit tube jigs today for us.

Bass were all over the shallows and Phil caught a few up to 3lbs or better. Saw one nice bowfin as well. Water temps are 69 to 70. Water color is great – dark and clear – no algae blooms yet. Beautiful weed growth! Should be a great bass opener.

We picked up and fished Seneca from around 7:30pm till dark. Terrific lake trout action in 65′ to 85′ of water. Just great! We landed around 7 fish up to 29″. Some hard fighting beasts! I could’ve EASILY snapped a rod on one fish I lost. Just fierce battles! These fish come up to the surface then sound like a torpedo. Bait is all over the place. H2O is around the low 60s on top. Half day evening trips are convenient and productive. No need to lose sleep!