Booking Trips in the Winter


I’m happy to say that I am completely booked up this coming week from Wednesday through Saturday – that’s a first for me in February – and this is my 20th year guiding. We’ll see how long the mild weather lasts. I’ve had a decent number of inquiries regarding winter fishing and all I can say is that the best thing to do is look at the extended forecasts.  When a day appears to show fishable weather (meaning something that you’d like to fish in), let me know.  I will typically take a deposit and pencil you in for the date.  If the weather conditions wind up being worse than what we hoped for, or somewhat unfishable, I’ll either refund your deposit or we can sit tight and wait for another opportunity.

If your availability is minimal, you can send me a deposit and send/text me a list of open dates (typically three or four) and I will put those down on my calendar while watching the upcoming weather.

Unfortunately, unless I have no inquiries for a date, it is often tough for me to reach out to clients preemptively, although I do try at times.  Oftentimes when the good weather days show up in the forecast, they get snapped up fairly quickly.  So please keep an eye on the long-range (10 to 15 day) forecast and reserve the date.  You have nothing to lose!