Cayuga Lake 9/1 + 9/2


Fished out of Myers yesterday and out of Union Springs today.  The lake looks great all the way around.  Boat traffic was very light (which is usually the case just before a big holiday weekend.)

9/1 AM:  Guided Ken and his uncle Tracy for a half day starting at 7:30 am.  We had a nice steady pick of large lake trout throughout our trip.  The guys kept four fish for the table and the rest went back.  A wild fish or two were in the mix.  Best fish was around 31″ – very solid.

Tracy with a heavy grip!

Ken hooked up

9/2:  Today I fished with my buddy Mike out of Union Springs for bass.  He’s been doing a lot of smallmouth fishing this season up on Lake Ontario as well as some largemouth fishing on smaller waterways around his area.   It was my first day fishing for largemouth bass this year, which for me is a record in terms of “lateness.”  Usually my first largemouth trip is in July or early August.  This year I’ve been too busy with one thing or another.

I certainly didn’t pick a good day to fish with Mike.  We had calm conditions for maybe a half hour this morning around 9:30 am before the wind/front came through and ushered in 20 mph winds.  Gusts were higher.  We did a bit of moving around and trying different areas before settling on a stretch that’s always good this time of year.  We cranked up a lot of pickerel and only a few bass.  Mike lost a nice bass near the boat but apart from that we only nabbed a couple 12″ to 13″ fish and one real dink that has to be a record for smallest bass one of us has ever caught.  Some perch were in the mix.  The pickerel bite was very good.   We gave it around 6 hours today and had a wet ride back in.  Very few boats went out today.

Sorry Mike, but the "hold the fish up to the camera trick" won't work on this one!

I’ve been going through my archived reports cleaning up some of the grammatical errors (mainly spacing errors) that occurred when my old site’s reports were transferred over to this new platform.  What a blast from the past reading about trips that happened 15 or 16 years ago!   I hope to get everything cleaned up.  Eventually maybe I’ll even add some photos to some of them!  I certainly have plenty of pics in the “archive”.

This Monday September 6th just opened up for trips if interested.  I am happy to have the day off as well.

Here’s my latest availability list:

September:  6th, 19th, 26th, 30th.

October:  1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th – 11th, 17th, 21st – 24th, 30th, 31st.

November is wide open as is December.