Cayuga Lake conditions 8/20


I’ve had a few questions regarding the conditions on the Finger Lakes and Cayuga Lake specifically.  The rainfall amounts on Wednesday really varied a lot.  This link has the data:   The Zip code in Ithaca is 14850.

Ithaca got hit hard with around 5″ of rain.  Areas like the north end of Owasco Lake – the City of Auburn had 7″ of rain.  Mid-parts of Cayuga Lake like Long Point/Sheldrake didn’t receive as much rain.  Prevailing winds have been northerly over the past couple days, which should keep debris/muddy water south of Taughannock/Myers.  That being said, we had some clarity issues before the rain hit.

I will not be out guiding over the next few days.  I will likely have friends out fishing so I should get some reports.  Once we get a south wind, everything will be a big mess, but for now anglers may be able to find some clearer water in the right areas.

Keuka and Seneca Lake were hit hard.  Keuka’s outlet, “Keuka Outlet” drains into Seneca Lake at Dresden.  Seneca’s outlet is on its north end and that meets up with Cayuga’s outlet near Mudlocks and then flows east (the Seneca River Cayuga/Seneca Canal) until it joins with the Oneida River.  After they join up, the combined river is the Oswego River and that dumps into Lake Ontario at Oswego.   (I know most locals reading this are aware of this, but I wanted to put this up for people that may not be.)

There are numerous homes along the Seneca River, thus only so much water can be discharged at once.  Keuka will be lowered first, then Seneca and then Cayuga more or less.  So things may take time to settle out.  A lot of water is still draining into Cayuga Lake (as well as the other Finger Lakes.)

I took a few photos at Myers Park this afternoon.

Park Pavilion Today

Myers Boat Launch

Debris along shore south of Salmon Creek

Keep in mind that with Cayuga Lake’s high water level (near flood stage) large boats may not be able to get under the bridge at Taughannock Park.   Also keep in mind that there may be a lot of debris just under the surface, like large waterlogged logs.  Also remember that the Sheriff may issue a speed limit – usually 5 mph in order to prevent shoreline damage.

I believe there are advisories in place for Keuka and Seneca Lakes.  I am not aware of other water body advisories.

Auburn and Moravia were also hammered with around 7″ of rain.  Owasco Lake will be a big mess for a long time.