Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 12/20 midday


Guided Jack out here for a short 1/2-day trip starting at around 10:30 am.  Water levels are up around 8″ on the lake.  We spent some time searching deep water (120′ to 150′) for fish, but eventually wound up in around 120′.  Fishing was excellent!  Jack wanted to get a limit for his smoker and then get off of the lake.  He was boxed out within an hour – as a matter of fact, Jack landed around 7 or 8 fish in less than an hour.  Fish ran between 23″ and 27″ and were all in decent condition.

It was cold outside but we were both comfortable except for our hands at times.  I did all the fish handling, although Jack held one or two for photos.  We did well with white/chartreuse tail Shakers.

Jack kicked off my season last February just before Valentines Day.  Today we are at the Winter Solstice.  I may be guiding a couple more trips in 2023 – we’ll see how things shake out.  The weather looks to be good in the near future.  The main thing to note is the wind.  The low winds kept things very comfortable today. One other boat was out jigging lake trout.  Perch fishing is supposedly fairly good out of Union Springs, but launching up there may be a challenge due to low water levels.

Jack hooked up on the solstice!

Nice clean lake trout!