Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 3/28


The top-notch deep jigging bite continues on Cayuga Lake.  Had a fun half day trip with Jeff and his co-worker/friend Josh today starting at around 8 am.  Fishing was very solid for lake trout running 24″ to 29″ with the top fish going 31″.  Very few wild fish are in the mix.  We had one laker come up with a live lamprey on it, but that sight has been rare thus far this year on Cayuga Lake.  A lot of fish were dropped as well today.  No color preferences.  Water temps remain in the upper 30s on top.

I wound up having to change out a flat tire as I was about to leave the park today.  Tire wear can be a tricky thing to notice on boat trailer tires.  Give your tires a good look and check for inside wear.  The best way to do this would be to remove the tires and inspect them individually, but that isn’t very practical.  Cursory glances at my boat tires made me think they were in good shape, but they weren’t.

Josh and Jeff holding their double

You can see both fish have the same fin-clip – a right pectoral.

Jeff with a fish on