Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/2


Today was a great day to test my Simms outdoor wear.  Rain, rain and more rain and air temperatures hovering in the low-40s.   I must say that the Simms gear passed with flying colors.  I never felt cold at all, apart from my hands, which I kept un-gloved.  I guided Ron for a full-day starting at 8 am.  Fishing was very good to excellent throughout the day.  I generally like some sun for lake trout jigging, but the fish were really on the feed today, likely due to the low pressure system.  If fish don’t eat before major fronts come through, it’s possible that feeding opportunities will be poor – if for example the lake gets muddy.  That’s my take on it – through evolution, fish and other animals have “learned” to feed heavily before the weather comes in.

Ron had a strong double-digit day with fish running up to 30.5″.  We had a bunch of 27″ fish today.  No wild fish at all.  We did have 5 lampreys come up on lake trout today as well.  Nobody else was on the lake out of Long Point and we spotted one boat in the distance lake trout fishing out of Dean’s Cove.  Surface temps are around 41 degrees.  Lake level is good.  Ospreys and loons were around as well.  Fish were in excellent condition – they are putting on the feed-bag.

Catching in the rain!