Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/20


Did a full day guided trip with Mark I. today.  We started with a couple hours of fly-fishing. I rarely fly-fish around the Long Point area, but I’d heard of some salmon/browns around and we gave it a shot without any action.  It’s been a somewhat crazy season with warm spells interspersed with cold spells.  One day we get lows in the 20s and a few days later it’s 80 degrees out.  We also tried for some shallow lakers for maybe a half an hour without any action.

The deep bite is where it’s at and we had very good to excellent action out deep for the remainder of the day.  It was another double-digit day with plenty of nice fish landed as well as dropped.  Best fish of the day was a pretty scarred up 31 1/2″ brute!  We had a couple wild fish as well.  Some fish have alewives in their stomachs but most remain empty.  Surface temps are still cold – we had 42 degrees on top with 40 degrees down just a little ways.  Loons and some cormorants (unfortunately) are around.

Big old scarred bruiser lake trout!

It looks like this fish was hit by cormorants.  I don’t know, but it appears as though something got him.  Mark landed plenty of nicer looking fish today, but this one was by far the biggest.  Overall fish ran from 23″ to this 31″er today.  Most ran 25″ to 27″, which has been the case for most of the season thus far.

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