Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/25


Guided a full day trip with Dean and his friend Sam starting around 8:45 am.  Surface temps are around 46 to 47.  The water level has subsided a little bit and is down maybe 6″ to a foot from a week ago.   Water clarity is generally good.

Fishing was not as hot and heavy today as it was when I was out last Friday.  Fish were fairly neutral, if not negative for much of the morning.  We picked up a fish or two here, then nothing for a while, then another there and so on.  We had one or two short bursts of hot bites.  We wound up getting into the double-digits – the action is what I’d call fair to good.  Best fish was a 32″er Dean landed, but it was on the thinner side. I cleaned 5 or 6 fish and they are still putting on the feedbag.  Steady weather will help get the bite on track.  We were successful in water ranging from 110′ out to 150′ +.   Best colors for us were white, chartreuse and Arkansas Shiner.  Dean brought his usual great sandwiches and fantastic jerky.  Sam used to work for a cigar company and I got a good education on the products and business.  Fun day all the way around.  Something crazy often happens with the weather when Dean is out with me, and today was no exception.  We had some freezing rain and crazy fronts move through followed by tranquil conditions and bright sun.  If you didn’t like the weather today, all you had to do was wait 10 minutes and it would change, at least in the afternoon!

Dean hooked up in the freezing rain!

Dean hooked up in the sun!

Dean's 32.5" laker

Sam holding a bloody mess of a fish that we kept (of course)